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Alice's Sangria 
Almond Cookies  
Apple Bread 
Applesauce Cake 
Baking Powder Biscuits  
Black-Eyed Peas  
Blueberry Muffins  
Bourbon Balls  
Cabbage Burger Bake 
Candied Fruit Slice Cookies  
Caramel Corn 
Carrot Cake  
Chicken Broccoli Pasta  
Chicken Paprika w/Dumplings  
Chocolate Chip Cookies  
Chocolate Pie 
Christmas Caramels  
Cincinnati Chili (Sweet Chili) 
Cinnamon Rolls  
Coconut Chews 
Coffee Bars 
Confetti New Potatoes  
Coquilles St. Jacques 
Corn Bread  
Cranberry Chocolate Biscotti  
Crazy Cake 
Cream Cheese “S” Cookies  
Cream of Hamburger Soup 
Crumb Cake (Spice Cake) 
Dark Swedish Rye Bread  
Dill Bread  
Dilled Green Beans 
Double Ginger Krinkles  
Eggs Málaga (Huevos a la Malagueña) 
Emergency Substitutions  
English Toffee  
Equivalent Measures  
Fran's Cabbage Salad 
Freshly Fruited Bread  
Fruit Juice gelatin 
Gingerbread People  
Golden Puffs 
Green beans in oil (Lubyi bi zayt) 
Hot Potato Salad with Frankfurters 
Irish Brown Bread  
Irish Soda Bread  
Jeff’s Favorite Cookies 
Madeline's Artisan Bread 
Madeline's Eggnog Pancakes 
Mango Chutney Torte 
Molasses Cookies 
Mom’s Meatloaf  
Mulled Cider #1 
Mulled Cider#2 
Nellie's Beef Stew 
New England Butter Rum Cider (for the Solstice) 
Oatmeal Cookies  
Oregano Rice 
Pasta alla Paesana (Spaghetti Country Style) 
Pie Crust  
Pig Pickin’ Cake 
Pineapple Cake 
Pizza Dough  
Pizza Dough (Pizza /Calzones) 
Poppy Seed Cake 
Pork Medallions  
Potato Soup 
Pumpkin Cake 
Pumpkin Cookies  
Rahat Loukoum (Turkish Delight) 
Rice Crispies Bars 
Rosemary Bread  
Rum Balls  
Rye Turtles 
Scotch Shortbread  
Sixty-Minute Rolls  
Spring Cake 
Stained Glass Fruitcake  
Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes 
Texas Style Lasagna 
Traditional Boston Baked Beans 
Traditional Eggnog 
Turkey Tetrazinne  
Vanilla Frosting  
Wagon Wheel Pie  
White Bread  
White Chocolate Macadamia Biscotti  
Whole Wheat Cereal 
Whole Wheat Molasses Cookies 
Yugoslavian Christmas Cookies 

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